Full Name : Anugerah Mullia Ulfa Salsabella
 Nickname : Salsa or Anugerah
 Born : Magelang, 6th of June 2000
 Age : 17th years old
 City : Bekasi, West Java
 Country : Indonesia
 Gender : Completely Female
 Height : 160 cm
 Widht : 61 kg
 Hobby : Singing, blogging, twitting, and fangirling.
 Fav Animal : Cat
 Fav Boy GROUP : One Direction
 Fav Singer : Taylor Swift, ED SHEERAN, ARIANA GRANDE
 Fav FEMALE Model : Andriana Lima, KENDALL JENNER, Candice Swanepoel
 Fav Colour : Pink, purple, blue, GREY and whitE
 Fandom : Directioner and Swiftie
♡ Allah
♡ Family
♡ Friends
♡ Make Up
♡ Cats
♡ Gadgets
♡ Hello Kitty
♡ Chocolate
♡ Him
× Plagiarism
× Lier
× Bad Connection
× Annoying peoples
× Bugs
× Waiting
× Vegies
× Bullshits
I started blogging when I was twelve and it's about five years ago (2012). Once, I had a lot of blogs but actually I don't really know what I am supposed to do with that much of blog, like seriously. From that, I decided to make a blog which is gonna useful for everybody haha not just a junk like my old blogs. So yeah, as you can see right now, I made it, it such a nice feelings when you realized that you can help each other. People stumble and fall, so do I huhu. I've been judged, hated, insulted, etc. But all of it wasn't tearing me up, it makes me stronger instead. Anyway, I just got back from a very very long hiatus, it was like.. three years! Kinda insane right. I really missed this blog and the things behind that such as a my blogger pals. Wish you were here guys :(

Okay let's forget about the blog things hahaha, now I'm gonna introduce myself. First things first, my long name is Anugerah Mullia Ulfa Salsabella and people used to call me Salsa or Anugerah, but you better call me Salsa because Anugerah is my name at school lol. I'm officially 17 years old this June. I live in Bekasi, West Java, and of course I'm pure Indonesian with mixed blood of Javanese and Padangnese. My favorite subject is English, the one and only. Even though my English is totally a mess, as mess as my life... Nope, just kidding. Another favorite things of mine is hijab and make up.  People always ask me like "where do you learn wearing hijab and make up?". Honestly, youtube is everything. Youtube is always be my number one source of anything that I've learnt. I don't have any plan to make a hijab or make up blog, 'cause I'm not that expert tho. I just love it. And one more favorite thing! Guess what? Yess, cats. I've been caring of cats for about seven years. If I calculate how much cats that I had from 2010 until now, maybe it's more that one hundred.

I'm also have a brother, his name is Syukri Mullia Adil Perkasa and you can call him Adil or Syukri, haha just like me, he has two nickname too. Adil at home, Syukri at college lol. He's a student at University of Indonesia, and now is his last semester. He's already finishing his essay, and just waiting for his graduation with Bachelor of Computer Science or S.Kom as his title. Actualy when I was at junior highschool, I do have a little hope to studying about computer science as well, but fate said no. Now I'm in social major and you know social student cannot take science major, it will be very hard. Nonetheless, I'm proud to be a part of social kid. I'm grateful instead of regret. Because as the time flies, I realized that I'm not pretty good at math, sorta hate it. The point is, I'm bad at counting. Except money, jk!

I'm not just a cat lovers, make up lovers, hijab lovers, or English lovers, I'm also a music lovers! I like every kind of music. Such as Electronic Dance Music, Dubstep, Pop, Country, Rock but not hard rock, Orchestra, or even Opera. But still, I have a fandom, multifandom more precisely. My fandom is Directioners, Swiftie, Garrixers, and.... I don't know what Cameron Dallas' fans are called, but I'm obviously the part of it! I'm a kpopers too, once. Not anymore. Here's the  cycle of my taste of music : Western - Kpop - Western. I'm such a not consistent person lol but I know that I will be on western side today, tomorrow, and forever :D

Last but not least, thanks a lot for your time to read this unimportant entry! If you have any suggestion or critics for me or my blog, easily contact me on my social media down below. I will appreciate that. Still, no harsh word or allowance, please. Don't forget to follow this blog peeps! ✌ 

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