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Saturday, 21 September 2013 - 0 People[s]

Berbeda dengan efek salju yang lawas, kali ini saljunya berbentuk kotak kecil. Klik disini untuk live preview :) Kodenya dapet dari mana aku lupa -_- hehe.
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The code :
<script type="text/javascript"> // <![CDATA[ var speed=33; // lower number for faster var flakes=100; // number of flakes var colour="#96c"; // colour of flakes var slush=20; // set to '0' for no slush or otherwise set to height at which slush melts var over_or_under="over"; // set to "over" for snow to always be on top, or "under" to allow it to float behind other objects /***************************\ * Let It Snow Effect * *(c)2004-13 mf2fm web-design* * * * DON'T EDIT BELOW THIS BOX * \***************************/ var flks=new Array(); var flkx=new Array(); var flky=new Array(); var fldy=new Array(); var slss=new Array(); var slsh=new Array(); var swide, shigh, boddie; function addLoadEvent(funky) { var oldonload=window.onload; if (typeof(oldonload)!='function') window.onload=funky; else window.onload=function() { if (oldonload) oldonload(); funky(); } } addLoadEvent(baby_its_cold_outside); function baby_its_cold_outside() { if (document.getElementById) { var i; boddie=document.createElement("div");; i.position="fixed";"0px"; i.left="0px"; i.overflow="visible"; i.width="1px"; i.height="1px"; i.backgroundColor="transparent"; document.body.appendChild(boddie); set_width(); for (var i=0; i<flakes; i++) { flks[i]=createDiv(3, 3, colour); flkx[i]=3*Math.floor(Math.random()*swide/3); flky[i]=Math.floor(Math.random()*shigh); fldy[i]=2+Math.floor(Math.random()*4); flks[i].style.left=flkx[i]+"px"; flks[i][i]+"px"; flks[i].style.zIndex=(over_or_under=="over")?"1001":"0"; boddie.appendChild(flks[i]); } setInterval("let_it_snow()", speed); }} function createDiv(height, width, colour) { var div=document.createElement("div");"absolute";"px";"px";"hidden";; return (div); } window.onresize=set_width; function set_width() { var sw_min=999999; var sh_min=999999; if (document.documentElement && document.documentElement.clientWidth) { if (document.documentElement.clientWidth>0) sw_min=document.documentElement.clientWidth; if (document.documentElement.clientHeight>0) sh_min=document.documentElement.clientHeight; } if (typeof(self.innerWidth)=='number' && self.innerWidth) { if (self.innerWidth>0 && self.innerWidth<sw_min) sw_min=self.innerWidth; if (self.innerHeight>0 && self.innerHeight<sh_min) sh_min=self.innerHeight; } if (document.body.clientWidth) { if (document.body.clientWidth>0 && document.body.clientWidth<sw_min) sw_min=document.body.clientWidth; if (document.body.clientHeight>0 && document.body.clientHeight<sh_min) sh_min=document.body.clientHeight; } if (sw_min==999999 || sh_min==999999) { sw_min=800; sh_min=600; } swide=sw_min-3; shigh=sh_min; if (slush) { if (swide/3>slss.length) for (i=slss.length; i<swide/3; i++) { if (!slsh[i]) slsh[i]=3; slss[i]=createDiv(slsh[i], 3, colour); boddie.appendChild(slss[i]); } for (i=0; i<swide/3; i++) { slss[i].style.height=slsh[i]+"px"; slss[i][i]+"px"; slss[i].style.left=3*i+"px"; } if (i<slss.length && slss[i].style.left!="-3px") for (; i<slss.length; i++) slss[i].style.left="-3px"; } } function let_it_snow(c) { var i, x, o=0, z=0; for (i=0; i<flakes; i++) { flky[i]+=fldy[i]; x=Math.floor(flkx[i]/3); if (slush) { o+=slsh[x]; if (flky[i]>=shigh-slsh[x]) { if (x<swide && slsh[x]>slsh[x+1]+3) x++; else if (x>0 && slsh[x]>slsh[x-1]+3) x--; slss[x][x]+=3)+"px"; slss[x].style.height=slsh[x]+"px"; flky[i]=shigh; } } if (flky[i]>=shigh || flkx[i]>swide) { flky[i]=0; fldy[i]=2+Math.floor(Math.random()*4); flkx[i]=3*Math.floor(Math.random()*swide/3); flks[i].style.left=flkx[i]+"px"; z++; } flks[i][i]+"px"; } if (o>flakes*slush) for (i=0; i<slsh.length; i++) if (slsh[i]>3) slsh[i]--; if (z || o>flakes*slush) set_width(); } // ]]> </script>

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