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Saturday, 19 July 2014 - 4 People[s]

       Hmm sebenernya aku gatau mau namain tutorial ini apa, mungkin kalian sendiri juga bingung maksud tutorial ini apa. Jadi, smooth viewing body ini seperti blog aku yang mana kalau dibuka akan keluar secara lembut (?) Menurut aku kalau kita pasang smooth viewing body ini, kesannya blog kita itu jadi adem haha. 

   Designer template : paste di HTML/JavaScript
   Classic template : paste di bawah kode </style>

And this is the code :
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
/* toggle() checks to see if the images has already been faded
or not and sends the appropriate variables to opacity(); */
function toggle(el,milli) {
// Get the opacity style parameter from the image
var currOpacity = document.getElementById(el).style.opacity;
if(currOpacity != 0) { // if not faded
fade(el, milli, 100, 0);
} else { // else the images is already faded
fade(el, milli, 0, 100);
/* changeOpacity() uses three different opacity settings to
achieve a cross-browser opacity changing function. This
function can also be used to directly change the opacity
of an element. */
function changeOpacity(el,opacity) {
var image = document.getElementById(el);
// For Mozilla = (opacity / 100);
// For IE = "alpha(opacity=" + opacity + ")";
// For others = (opacity / 100);
/* fade() will fade the image in or out based on the starting
and ending opacity settings. The speed of the fade is
determined by the variable milli (total time of the fade
in milliseconds)*/
function fade(el,milli,start,end) {
var fadeTime = Math.round(milli/100);
var i = 0; // Fade Timer
// Fade in
if(start < end) {
for(j = start; j <= end; j++) {
// define the expression to be called in setTimeout()
var expr = "changeOpacity('" + el + "'," + j + ")";
var timeout = i * fadeTime;
// setTimeout will call 'expr' after 'timeout' milliseconds
// Fade out
else if(start > end) {
for(j = start; j >= end; j--) {
var expr = "changeOpacity('" + el + "'," + j + ")";
var timeout = i * fadeTime;

Blogger Trisha Tan said...

Kak Salsa, memagnya kalau kita pasang ini ada apanya?

Blogger Zahra Tiffany said...

Re-Post ya ka ;) pake credit ko

Blogger Alneira Firja Azaria said...

Izin repost ya Kak Salsa

Blogger Miyuku said...

re-post ya kak credits aman kok


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