Sunday, 11 June 2017

I'm Running Out Of Ideas - But I'm Back!


Hello, my pals! Yeah, I know it's been a long time I didn't post any contents of this blog. Because you know whatttt? I'M TOTALLY RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS. Like, for real. And anyway, in this first post after 3 years since I was on long hiatus, I will post something in English okay, just in case I'm gonna improve my English haha, still bad tho. I've got a lot of reasons why I did a long hiatus. 

First reason, I literally don't know what to post, what to share, and what to do in this blog. Because nobody requests something what I need to share and I don't have any tutorials and freebies to share hahaha so sorry guys, but I'll find out later!

Second reason, I'm busy with my real life. I'm not gonna lie, besides that reason, actually I'm also bored to blogging so I was searching for another activity with my real life. And yesss I was hiatus too much like, it's been three years, oh my God. In the other side, I really miss this blog and the followers, and the people that I used to know. So yeah, I'm back. Even though I still don't know what I'm gonna share after this post....

Third reason, my blogger friends are also hiatus so I've got no friends here, so pathetic. This reason maybe a little bit weird because "why are you doing a long hiatus? just because your friends are hiatus too? well you can continue to sharing something here!" Probably that thing that will pop out into your mind when you read this third reason. But this is true! My blogger friends like Dhyani, Maya, Ayesha, etc. are no longer active on blogging. I was so sad, nobody gonna makes my blogging life colourful again :(

Fourth reason, let's be honest now, I almost forgot all the "html" things after a long time I did not playing with that kind of stuffs. Fortunately, I was refreshing my mind and I remember this stuffs again yeayy! 

And that's it. Anyway.... I said "a lot of reasons" but I just explained four reasons-_- what is wrong with me, okay nevermind. So guysss for all of you who read this random post, please give me a suggestion about something that I should share to you because like what I've said before, I'm running out of ideas. 

Oh yeaaa almost forgot. Happy fasting for those who do it! Don't give up on your fasting guys! And maybe just these what I can say to all of you as an opening (again) on this blog. I hope you really will give me a suggestion haha, just comment down below!  May you have a great day and see you on my next post!


  1. :""") terharuu, ayoo kak kita main blog lagii

  2. Maya : ayooo! tapi aku bingung mau post apaa wkwkw


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