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Monday, 29 July 2013 - 12 People[s]

Doodle doodle ini Salsa dapatkan dari devianart, tapi belum transparan, masih berbackground warna warni. 
Boleh di ambil doodles-nya,  tapi kalau ingin repost atau refreebies jangan lupa credit nya :)
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Blogger Aichi Misaki said...

I take All!!!

Blogger Aichi Misaki said...

With Full credit!!!

Blogger Hasyimiah Azahra said...

boleh save?? ^^

Blogger Anugerah Mullia Ulfa Salsabella said...

Tentu :)

Blogger Malva Naya said...

Ambill cemuaaa!

Blogger Aisyah Attini said...

izin save semua yaa...

Blogger Clarissa Natasha said...

take all with full credit ^^

Blogger Iswara Aulia Widasari said...

take all. thanks kak

Blogger TriNadia KurniaSari Cute said...

kak.. aku izin 'ngambil'. tenang aja..... WITH FULL CREDIT

Blogger Asma Na said...

izin save yaa :))

Blogger Orchid Liona said...

ambil semua, kak... cute banget

Blogger Resti Adillika Naswa said...

Izin buat doodle skinsku ya!


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