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Monday, 29 July 2013 - 17 People[s]

Repost? Re-freebies? Give full credits to Me :)
doodle cute, doodle comel, doodle rabbit, doodle kelinci

doodle comel, doodle koki

doodle fashionista, doodle girl

doodle comel, doodle ramen

Blogger Kristele Asoy said...

Is this all your works? If it is, then, you're more than amazing

Blogger Arnetta Fasya said...

Ambil Dua kak,. Yang Putri Duyung mau aku buat Header Blogskin Ku,. Judulnya Blue And Sea..
Trus Habis Bikin Skins yang Blue And Sea,. Aku pengen langsung bikin Header pake Doodle kakak yang ada cewe bawa Buah,. Nanti Skins nya aku kasih nama,.. Fruits'lays Holic,.
^^hehe, mau ngambil Doodle Aja curhat

Blogger Aisyah Attini said...

izin save yaa..

Blogger Pradnya Paramita said...

ambil beberapa ya kak

Blogger Mutiara Sintya D. said...

Take all doodle :D

Blogger Mayar Fatiha said...

Aku izin ambil beberapa ya kak :)

Blogger Iswara Aulia Widasari said...

Take all. thaks kak

Blogger Malika Shinoda said...

Take all. Thanks, Kak :D credit?? Yesyes!!

Blogger iCHA Chan said...

Aku mau ambil 5. I'll credit you, sis ^.~

Blogger Mutiara Fauziah said...

aku ambil 3 ya kaa hehe

Blogger Mutiara Fauziah said...

aku ambil 3 ya kaa hehe

Blogger alisha syakira said...

ambil ya kak.... izin re-post aku sertakan credit kok...

Blogger Orchid Thania said...

kak, aku ambil ya! aku mau buat header :)

Blogger Rani Rani said...

Aku ambil ya.. Kak buat header

Blogger Adliyah Rahmita said...

i need some 4 doodle cute, thanks kak Salsa, credit full

Blogger Adliyah Rahmita said...

TAKE ALL ya kak Salsa...

Blogger TriNadia KurniaSari Cute said...

take all yours :) mau dibuat logo


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